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Adjustable Bed Frames & Bases

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Learn About Our Adjustable Bed Frames

Instant Relief

No More Persistent Ailments

The Flex Series of Adjustable Bed Frames support different lying positions, including Marble’s Zero Gravity setting.

This setting is based on NASA’s discovery of an optimal body position that reduces G-Force pressure and brings about various health benefits supported by scientific research.

Use It With Existing BedFrames

Keep Your Own Style

The Marble Flex Series of Adjustable Bed Frames fit within the footprint of most existing bed frames so that you can keep your style.

Just reach out to us with photos and dimensions of your current bed frame, and our sleep specialists will help get it all sorted for you.

Optimal Sitting Positions

Netflix or Chill

Enjoy your favorite Korean TV shows and movies without getting a nasty backache at the end of it. Or prop yourself up and have a quick afternoon nap. 

Active Support

For Refreshing Sleep

Gone are the days of bad sleep from snoring and stuffy noses. At the push of a button, you or your partner’s head will be elevated to a position that helps airways stay clear, improving your overall sleep quality.

Easy Connectivity

Stay Connected & Productive

The adjustable base is equipped with USB port(s) making it great for working in bed and getting work done, all from the comfiest spot at home.

The Marble Flex - Adjustable Bed Frame & Base


The Marble Flex gives you the control you want, so you can choose a sleeping position that works best for your body at a great and affordable price.

From $1,299. Pay as low as $433/month at 0% interest rates.

Here's What People Are Saying..

Based on 100 reviews
  1. Terri Lam

    Amazing purchase of the Marble Flex. I’m so shocked at how wonderful the bed frame works. Some of the cool features and reasons I purchased the Adjustable Base from Marble.

    1. Marble Flex comes with Wall Aligning Technology & Pillow Tilt – The wall aligning function saves so much space for me. There is no huge gap between the head rest and the wall when I incline myself to read my book. The other feature, pillow tilt is a premium feature that many other brands do not have. If they do include these 2 features, the pricing is way more expensive than Marble.

    2. There are 3 Motors on the Marble Flex – Most other adjustable bed frames come with 2 motors, but Marble has 3 motors. I noticed that with 3 motors, it also means that I have more customisability for positions compared to the other brands.

    3. Award winning customer service – No matter what issues you are facing after purchase. Sam and the service staff in Marble are all very responsive. They will go the extra mile to follow up with refunds. Who has ever heard of this? I spoke to a friend who had to make a return because he had to leave Singapore. Marble actually followed up to ensure he got the refund back.

    4. Extensive Warranty – Marble covers the Adjustable bed frame for a full 5 years. They have no limitations compared to the other brands like Woosa or Bedding Affairs.

    Most brands in Singapore, they could not care about you after giving them the money. But Marble is leading by example. This is by far one of the best companies I’ve purchased anything from.

    Thank you!

    The Marble Flex™ | Adjustable Bed Frame & BaseThe Marble Flex™ | Adjustable Bed Frame & Base

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  2. Andrea Low

    Buy it! You will not regret this purchase.

    In the beginning, this was a really hard purchase because I could not try the adjustable bed before making a purchase. I was in an accident and had trouble walking for a few months. I was overwhelmed to say the least, but thank goodness there is a review section here. I relied on everyone’s feedback and also spoke with Marble’s customer service who helped me put everything together. I’m so impressed with the Marble Flex Adjustabled Bed, thank you everyone for pointing me in the right direction with your reviews.

    Marble's Starter BundleMarble’s Starter Bundle

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  3. Josh Heng.

    Me and my wife bought the Marble Flex for our new flat in Sengkang. I was hoping to use the Meridian Mattress with the bed frame but unfortunately it was out of stock at the time of order. So we went with just the adjustable bed frame.

    Delivery was punctual and the bed frame works as it’s advertised. No complains.

    The Marble Flex™ | Adjustable Bed Frame & BaseThe Marble Flex™ | Adjustable Bed Frame & Base

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All to Gain, Nothing To Lose

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's cut to the chase, our adjustable bed frames does not defy gravity but rather it mimics a neutral body posture taken by astronauts during liftoff into space. Because astronauts endure such intense increases in gravity while escaping earth's gravitational pull, its important that their bodies are positioned in a manner that can deal with all that stress.


So even though we're not going to be escaping earth's gravitational pull anytime soon, assuming such a position helps relieve stress points on your body. Some other benefits of this position promotes circulation and may help with high blood pressure, swollen feet, lower back pain and even varicose veins. You can read more from NASA's research here.


Disclaimer: The information contained here is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your primary care physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Marble's Adjustable Bed Frames come instructions in the box, requires no tools, and can be completed within 30 to 45 minutes. That said, we do recommend grabbing a friend to help you with the lifting. You can also select the "In-Home Setup" option at checkout and leave us to do it for you.

Yes! As long as your existing bed frame fits with our adjustable bed dimensions, you should be able to use it with our adjustable bed frames. However we recommend that you reach out to one of our product specialists before making the purchase.

We offer shipping through NinjaVan (Singapore) for all of our products. Depending on the size that you ordered, your adjustable bed frame will arrive in either one - two boxes. Additionally we offer in home assembly services. This service is free if you are covered under our Medical Inclusivity provision.

Our Adjustable Bed Frame are compatible with most memory foam mattresses but we don't recommend its use with a spring mattress. However that said, all of Marble's Mattresses are fully compatible with our adjustable bases and will result in the most divine experience.

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