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Sleep Tech

We're All About Smart Design

We Make Amazing Sleep Products With The Help Of Nature.

Mother Nature inspires us. She shows us efficient designs to make things better. Here’s how we go about improving your sleeping experience with some of her genius thinking.

European Honey Bees Helped Us Build It

Lifetime Durability

Bees are amazing creatures, building intricate honeycombs capable of distributing force and withstanding stress with their hexagonal construct.

Inspired, we made the HexiGrid™ layer, lessening the pressure you feel when you sleep on our mattress, giving you that dreamy “floating” effect while improving durability and support at the same time.

Say goodbye to aches and pains.

The Barrel Cactus Helped Us Build It

Stay Cool, Stay Fresh

Cacti have had a lot of time under the sun. Enough for them to develop biological strategies that help them reduce heat radiation and water loss. By emulating similar patterns of their structure, our mattress fabrics promote airflow, increasing the heat convection coefficient compared to a flat surface.

Keeping you cool and fresh all night.

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